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Development and Application of Radar Reflectometer Using Electromagnetic Waves


Speaker: Atsushi Mase, Kyushu University 

Introduction to the Speaker:

Atsushi Mase, now is an Emeritus Professor at Kyushu University, and a Research Fellow at Electronics Research Laboratory, Fukuoka Institute of Technology. He got his B.E., M.E., and D.E. in electrical and electronics engineering from Nagoya University in 1968, 1970, and 1976, respectively. He had been a research associate at Nagoya University from 1973-1981, a visiting researcher at UCLA from 1978-1980, an associate professor at University of Tsukuba from 1981-1999, a professor at Kyushu University from 1999-2009, a research professor at Kyushu University from 2009-2014. During the period, he had been Vice Director at Art, Science and Technology Center for Cooperative Research, and Director at Institute for Ionized Gas and Laser Research, Kyushu University. His research interests include microwave to infrared devices and systems for application to biomedical measurement, fusion plasma diagnostics, and airborne synthetic aperture radar. He is a member of APS and JSPF, and a life member of IEEJ and IEICE.



Progress of microwave and millimeter-wave technologies has made possible advanced diagnostics for application to various fields. Transmission, reflection scattering, and radiation processes of electromagnetic waves are utilized as diagnostic tools which are classified to active and passive diagnostic systems. Specifically, the radar reflectometry has become of importance in various applications including industrial applications. Microwave imaging of the complex permittivity profile of an unknown object buried under dielectric interface or half-space is an important technology that has been used successfully in subsurface sensing such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). Other potential applications include nondestructive testing of materials, biomedical measurement (imaging and fluctuation diagnostics), and the detection of defects and cracks in construction materials.

In this talk, we report on recent radar reflectometers applied to plasmas and other industrial fields. The key words are imaging diagnostic systems (optics imaging and synthetic aperture imaging), ultra-wide band radar and radio optical fusion technology in order to improve the resolution with keeping its advantage of high transmissivity. The outline of talk is as follows:

1) Introduction: Principle of radar reflectometer and various applications.

2) Fusion Plasma Diagnostics: Recent progress in micro to millimeter-wave imaging.

3) Remote Sensing: Microwave synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and infrared laser imaging.

4) Biomedical Measurements: Results of breast cancer detection and vital signal detection.


Host: Prof. Wang Xiaolong

Time 14:00-15:30, March 23,2021 

Location: Room D314, Tang Aoqing Building